Question of the Week: August 16, 2022

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How long should my dry fly leader be?


This is a great question, and I could talk about this subject for an hour at least. The simple answer is really delving into the science of fly fishing. Long leaders prevent drag. Wind and drag are the enemy of fly fishers. That being said, you should be dry fly fishing with a long leader. Now, back to the question. Most prepackaged leaders come in a 9ft length. How long your leader should be is up to you and your skill at fly casting. Some anglers like me always cast a leader at around 11 feet. But I have six decades of fly casting, and you probably do not. I think you should perfect a 9ft leader and move from there to 10. So, when you put a new 9ft leader on go ahead and use that until you need to add more tippet to lengthen your leader back to 9ft. instead of lengthening your leader back to 9ft, lengthen it to 10ft instead and get use to that length. In short, your leader should be long if you can handle it and still make a decent presentation.