Question of the Week: August 17, 2020

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Question of the Week


You tell me that I should be dry fly fishing on freestone rivers. Can I nymph fish freestone rivers too?


Of course you can nymph fish freestone rivers and many folks do so.  However there are anglers like me who prefer to fly fish freestone rivers with a dry fly.  The science of why trout love the dry fly on freestone rivers is simple, freestone river trout have large search images.  Large search images are formed in trout when the lack of food present in a river or stream becomes extreme.  In these types of rivers trout must supplement their diet by eating anything floating on the surface that resembles food.  Hence the large search image.

Since a freestone river trout was just a guppy it’s had to search the surface for food.  When there is nothing to eat at home you have to go out to dinner, that usually means some sort of restaurant.  That restaurant for a trout is the surface or on the mirror.  We like to fly fish freestone rivers with a dry fly because it’s fun and the dry fly fishing can be incredible.  For all the reasons mentioned above you can also nymph fish a freestone river.  If you choose to dry fly fish a freestone river do everything in your power to keep your fly floating on the surface.  “If it aint a flotin it aint a catchin”