Question of the Week: December 2, 2020

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Question of the Week


In the Winter, my hand freeze up . I’ve tried various types of gloves but none keep them warm.  Any suggestions?


The eternal problem all anglers face in the Winter is cold hands and feet.  Gosh, if you ask a hundred anglers this same question you would get a hundred different answers, all being good to some degree.  I have done my time in Winter fly fishing Purgatory and have tried every way possible to keep my hands warm while I’m fly fishing in the cold.  The problem is you always have a hand exposed because it’s holding your fly rod.  So what I will do for you is become part of the hundred and tell you what I have come up with that helps my hands stay warm.

I use Cabela’s Mega Muffs.  This product can be purchased via the net in many form and prices.  It’s basically the same muffs that Quarterbacks use to keep their hands warm between plays.  I don’t wear gloves unless it’s extremely cold.  What I do is I put into the muffs a couple of hand warmers (any type will do).  When my hands start to get cold I just pause and slip both hands into the muffs and keep them there until they are warm.  Then it’s back to business.

I know of anglers who use a three pound coffee can that they will start a fire in.  Using a variety of fire methods they just keep the fire going and when the need arises they just wade to shore and warm their hands.  I opt for the more traditional fire ring (safer).  If you have not tried muffs yet, give it a go.  Aside from that there are 99 more tips to try.