Question of the Week: December 20, 2021

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I want to buy a new nymph rod but I’m having trouble choosing the right rod. It’s very confusing. Why are there so many types of nymph rods?


Basically there is only one way to dry fly fish.  Therefore it’s as simple as deciding what weight line you want to use or cast, what length rod you prefer and accepting the warranty the rod maker has. With nymph fishing there are so many techniques, styles or types of nymphing that it can make your head spin.  Many styles require a certain type of fly rod that will do the trick.  Whereas there is basically one style of dry fly rod used for dry fly fishing, the amount of diverse types and styles of nymph rods lends itself to the confusion.  An uncomplicated way to determine what kind of nymph rod you might want to choose is first choose or know what style of nymphing you are doing now or will be doing in the future and look for a rod designed to just that.

There is no right or wrong answer to this question.  A Euro style nymph fisher might prefer a 10ft rod that has a butt section of a 6wt. and a tip section of a 4wt.  The next Euro style nymph fisher you ask, his answer would be different, but both opinions are correct.  I like to Czech nymph and Drop Shot nymph.  What works for me for both techniques is a 10ft. 6wt.  There are pros and cons to this type of rod but it is a good rod that will bridge both a Euro style nymphing to a more American classic style.

Once you have decided on what type of nymph fishing you want to do then do some research.  Learn the pro’s and con’s of the rod you want to use and then just buy it.  Nymph rods are relatively inexpensive compared to the average dry fly rod.  Work your new rod and find out what works best for you in the rod and what does not.  Later your next nymph rod will reflect in your experience with the old one.  It’s a process of trial and error.  More often that not you get it right the first time.  Good luck.