Question of the Week: June 9 2020

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I hear about and see fly fishermen fishing with two flies. How are they attached? Are they attached at the eye of the hook?


It’s quite common to fly fish with more than one fly and there are quite a few ways to do it.  The most common way is by tying on a length of monofilament onto the curved part of fly # 1 by using a clinch knot.  Older anglers will pre-tie the clinch knot on their index finger and then transfer the knot onto fly #1 and pull the knot tight onto the fly.  That leaves you with a length of monofilament hanging out the back end of fly #1.  Tie fly #2 onto the monofilament no closer than 15 inches to fly #1 and presto you are fishing 2 flies.  This is the old school way to do it and most of us still do it this way.