Question of the Week: November 10, 2020

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Question of the Week


What size tippet should I use when I’m nymphing?


Gosh there are so many different ways to nymph fish these days that I had to scratch my head and really think about it.  Each different style such as Czech, French, Drop Shot and Classic Strike Indicator Nymphing each have a myriad of answers which could be applied.  In other words there is no one answer to that question. However if anyone knows me they will tell you I believe in the simplicity of fly fishing and when I look at how simple or easy nymph fishing is the answer becomes easy for me.

I believe nothing if fly fishing has changed more in the last five year in fly fishing more than the act of nymphing.  Nymphing has evolved so quickly the last decade that it almost has it’s own language.  This evolution was started and is now fueled by fly fishing manufacturers such as rod makers, fly line makers and leader makers.  If they say you need it or this will catch more fish for you then you better buy it from them.  Much of what these folks created has had a positive effect in the business but it has complicated fly fishing for a lot of folks

Getting back to the simplicity of fly fishing and the question at hand I can best answer it by the old standard 3X or 6lb tippet.  This size tippet has always been the standard and it’s good starting point for you.  I have used the basic Stren 6lb fluorocarbon fishing line for years without problems and have incorporated this into the different styles of nymphing I do today.