The Northwest School of Fly Fishing offers several courses throughout the year targeting various skill levels and locations. To register, please visit our registration page and sign up today.


  • Advanced Fly Fishing Program
  • Become an Expert on Silver Creek
  • Beginning Fly Fishing Program
  • Caddis Fly Fishing
  • Classic Dry Fly Fishing
  • Critical Concepts in Fly Fishing
  • Czech Nymp Fishing
  • Emergers
  • Fast Track to Fly Fishing
  • Fly Casting
  • Fly Fish Entomology
  • Fly Tying
  • Midge Fishing
  • Nymph Fishing
  • Fishing the Owyhee River
  • Rod Building
  • Fishing the Snake River
  • Still Water Fly Fishing
  • Strategies for the Boise RIver
  • Streamers
  • Winter Fly Fishing

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