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NW Virtual Fly Fishing Academy’s mission is to provide fly fishing information to new and skilled fly anglers across the world. Learning can best be presented in both a video medium and in a written format. By subscribing to the NW Virtual Fly Fishing Academy you will get weekly fly fishing information that is both informative and current. You must REGISTER/LOG IN first to sign up for membership.

Subscribers get access to:

Anglers Video Journal: here the archive is full of instructional videos in entomology, fly fishing techniques, tips, strategies and know-how on various subjects in fly fishing today.


Anglers Written Journal: scroll through the archives of NW Virtual Fly Fishing Academy where you will find various written essays on fly fishing and fly fishing rivers of the west.


Tips and Tricks: learn about various tips and tricks fly anglers are using on the rivers that you never knew existed.  You will find various tips on how to fly fish different types of rivers.


Gear Gadgets and Techniques:  explaining the tons of new gear and new fly fishing techniques in fly fishing today. Here the archives become exciting.


Anglers Entomology:  up to ninety percent of what trout eat are aquatic insects.  Here you learn what these bugs are and how important they are to successful fly anglers


Flies of the Week:  You can’t catch trout without a fly.  The success of an anglers depends on their ability to choose the right fly.  The archives are the flies successful anglers are using across the West.


Question of the Week:  anglers across the west ask Northwest School of Fly Fishing fly fishing questions.  This is where their questions and answers are archived.

NW Virtual Fly Fishing Academy is a fly fishing learning website and it’s the perfect place for you to learn and improve your fly fishing skills. Subscribing and being a member is the first step towards becoming all you can be as a fly angler!


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