Question of the Week: Jan 2019

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I keep slipping when I am wading rivers. Is there anything I can do to prevent slipping all the time?

Yes. About three or four years ago an old fly fisherman came into the shop with a box full of fly fishing gear he wanted to donate to NWSFF. He felt it was a good thing for his gear to be used rather than collect dust in someone’s garage after he dies. I did as asked, and gave away all except an old pair of galoshes with aluminum bars that no one wanted. I took those rubber galoshes home and threw them in a box that I later intended to away. About a year later while going through some old stuff I came across those galoshes. Rather than throw them away I thought I would go ahead and try them on over some neoprene booties I have and go fly fishing. I could only smile as I spent three days fishing the Middle Fork of the Boise without slipping one time. I have not slipped while wading with those galoshes on since that day. Look up Rock Treads at They have a product that you can use on your existing boots or wading shoes that work great. Korkers makes a slip on sole that have aluminum bars that also work well. Do some research and you will find some good alternatives that will help you stay stables while wading.