Question of the Week: March 31, 2021

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I was on the Owyhee River during a Blue Winged Olive Mayfly hatch (Baetis). I was able to catch a few duns and look at them closely. They had a very dark body. All my patterns have the traditional olive to light olive bodies and do not seem to work. What’s up with that and where can I get the right color fly.
Many commercial flies such as the BWO are tied overseas by someone who does not fly fish let alone understand aquatic entomology or even know what a BWO is. They only know what the 50 year old recipe is and that’s what you buy for better or worse. BWO’s or Baetis Mayfly duns range in colors to tan, gray, olive, light olive, dark olive, brown or black. How do you ever match that? Seems impossible, however you can match the color by carrying a dark brown or brown marker then simply make a matching color change on your commercial fly while on the river. In reality most Baetis hatches are not that complicated. Usually the problem is you might be using the wrong size. I would rather have the right size BWO that might be off on the body color than to have the right body color but have the wrong size. Good question tight lines…….