Flatten Your Lead for Drop Shot Nymphing

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Nowadays you can find almost anything fly fishing on YouTube created by who knows who.  Much of the fly fishing videos are great to watch.  However the instructional part of fly fishing on YouTube can be very misleading as YouTube explains; “The videos on YouTube are either right, half right or wrong.”  As long as they meet YouTube policy standards then you can post a video on YouTube.  This is fine and I’m for the most part happy with it.  However there seems to me a million ways to trap a mouse.

As drop shot nymphing and Euro style nymphing become more and more popular, what comes with this popularity is a million different YouTube videos on how to do it. Not to pick on YouTube you can say as much about the print media such as books and magazines.  Don’t get me wrong much of what YouTube and the print media is saying about Drop Shotting and Euro Nymphing is pretty much spot on.  It just seems the little things in Drop Shotting get ignored and then the whole process is criticized because someone doesn’t like something about it.

Drop Shot Nymphing is a great way to nymph fish.  Kelly Gallup in his video Drop Shot Nymphing is quoted as saying, “Drop shot nymphing is far superior to any other form of Euro style nymphing like Czeching.” One reason why anglers do not like drop shot nymphing is because the lead split shot is at the end of the leader.  This, they complain, causes the lead split shot to come off the end of the leader due to centrifugal force. This is true to some degree.  It does seem to be a problem for many drop shotters. 

However it’s a little thing like a split shot coming off the end of the leader that turns folks away from a deadly form of nymphing.  The simple truth is all you have to do is once you put the desired amount of split shot on your leader then flatten the split shot like a pancake with small needle nose pliers.  This creates more lead on your leader, makes your lead more hydro dynamic and creates more force of lead on line.  This little trick not only prevents you from flipping the lead off your leader but it also makes it just as easy to remove the lead when you want to take some lead off your leader or your lead is stuck under a rock it will just slide off.  You will not find this trick on YouTube.